My Summer Bucket List or In Conclusion

This spring I wrote my first summer bucket list (it is pretty short and I didn’t publish it, because I wasn’t sure, if I would have enough time to accomplish each goal before the end of summer).    

Well, I think,.. September, October! is the right time to do it!)) I like to analyze things and make clever (hardly ever) conclusions;)) So, here we go..

                                                          SUMMER BUCKET LIST – CONCLUSION

                                  eat healthier

This summer I had 3 Weeks No Sugar Challenge (no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners). Scientists say: “It takes 21 days to form a new habit” (No, it doesn’t)). Life without chocolate, ketchup, pizza (sugar is hiding everywhere), sweet cup of coffee, pies, packed juice, candies seemed to be horrible and terrifying, but at the end of the second week you feel a “real” taste of food, find a lot of healthy and delicious new products and recipes. After this challenge, I become more sensitive to sugar, so I considerably reduced the amount of it. It is also a good way to be more attentive in your everyday life, to notice what you buy and what you eat.


                             have a coffee in Innsbruck

Canceled flight,  instead of Innsbruck in Austria – Frankfurt am Main in Germany, instead a cup of coffee in a fine cafe – cheese baguette in a bus with rainy night talks with My Dear Eva. Sometimes life brings better things than you’re expecting;))


walk on a deserted beach

Sometimes you just need to get away from everything with only your thoughts.

desert_beach                                make a henna tattoo


have a latte near the lake

This item I can probably add to all my future bucket lists))

draw a painting

             I have everything for it: New oils, brushes, easel, except time and a little bit of  inspiration.


do yoga

The best asana I’m good in is Shavasana=)) But yoga calms my chaotic mind and brings new positive energy, that’s why I hope to keep doing this.

do yoga

watch yourself on TV

Regional channel, not a big thing, but we had an amazing opportunity to tell people about our charitable project “Angels near us” and to involve more active citizens into it.

on TV                    tell a story to a stranger and make him laugh
wake up at 6 am and have time just for myself

Even my kitten was slipping))

sleeping kitten

look amazing during the whole night

What can be better than being a bridesmaid on your best friend’s wedding))


make someone happier

I hope this item is also done. But it’s not up to me to decide!